Capital Campaign for a new Corpus Christi

A Community United by Vision and Purpose

The renewal of our parish buildings will ensure continued service to our faith community for generations to come. It is thanks to the vision and hard work of parishioners before us that we have benefited from the use of our current parish church and buildings for close to 60 years.


Renewing our Parish Buildings in Two Phases

This is our opportunity to build on and continue the legacy of those before us. With your support, as part of a faith community united by vision and purpose, the renewal of our parish buildings will be our gift to future generations of our parish.

The much needed renewal of our parish buildings is a significant project which we are undertaking in two phases, guided by the priorities set by you, the parishioners. The first phase, which is under way, will replace the existing parish elementary school with a new building that will include a Parish Hall under the new school gym. Once the new school is built, we will proceed to the second phase, upgrading the church and renovating the rectory space to accommodate more church group meetings and parish activities.


Imagine… a new Corpus Christi Elementary!


Corpus Christi Elementary School Rebuild and New Parish Hall
The new school will incorporate the latest antiseismic building technology providing the safest possible facility to learn in a modern world, a place where our children can be inspired to grow. In response to the strong demand for Catholic education in our community, the planned school will allow for a dual stream (two classes per grade) and include a daycare facility.

"Catholic School is a very special place. It is the place where our two greatest loves come together – our love of our faith and our love of our children.” Anette Reyno, Parishioner

The much needed Parish Hall will be constructed under the school gym. It will provide a bigger, modern space, including a commercial kitchen, to accommodate baptismal, wedding and funeral receptions as well as activities of the many church groups. Building it with the school will save cost as well as footprint on the parish property that will allow for more dedicated parking space.

"A new parish hall, with new modern kitchen facilities would allow the Knights of Columbus to enhance and grow our service to our church community. Newly renovated meeting space is important to us as it will allow us to conduct our meetings properly and attract new members." – David Robinson, Grand Knight


Please support the first phase of our parish renewal and help ensure Catholic education for generations to come as well as a purpose built venue for our many parish and church groups activities. For information on how you can support the campaign, please see the Ways You Can Contribute To The Renewal of Corpus Christi section and for more information on the campaign please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.


Church and Buildings Seismic Upgrade & Renewal

Our church and parish building are safe today; however, an engineering study commissioned by the parish indicated that seismic upgrades are needed to adequately prepare the buildings for an eventual major earthquake. This will also be an opportunity to carry out needed repairs in the church, such as addressing the water damage in the wall behind the altar, and consider embellishments such as the installation of iconography in the sanctuary.

In addition, even with a new Parish Hall, our parish community is challenged to find space to hold meetings and events. The current parish administrative office and meeting spaces will be refurbished and reconfigured to accommodate this need.

Though the campaign is being implemented in two phases and phase 1 must be fully funded before we proceed to phase 2, this is all one effort by the faith community, united by vision and purpose, to renew our parish buildings as our gift to future generations of our parish. Your support of the campaign will help us to continue to grow our faith. For information on how you can support the campaign, please see the Ways You Can Contribute To The Renewal of Corpus Christi section and for more information on the campaign please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

"Our parish buildings, especially our church, with its beautiful artwork and design is in need of restoration and renewal. It is important that we continue the legacy of our past parishioners and support the renewal of all our parish buildings.” – Georgina Tsang, Parishioner

Corpus Christi, from undeveloped land to a Respected School and Parish!

Ways You Can Contribute To The Renewal of Corpus Christi

Gifts For Today

Make a donation of cash, stocks, bonds, or mutual funds to Corpus Christi and you will receive charitable tax credits (tax receipt).

Gifts Of Cash

The simple cash gift is the most widespread form of charitable giving. If you choose to donate a gift of cash to Corpus Christi, you will receive a donation receipt for the full amount of your gift.

Gifts Of Cash Corporate Matching Gifts

Many companies encourage their employees to contribute to charities by offering a "matching gift" program. This means the company will donate funds equal to your contribution to the same fund, effectively doubling the gift. Check with your employer to see if they offer a charitable gift matching program.

Gifts Of Securities

Publicly traded securities include shares, bonds and mutual funds. In 2006, the government announced the elimination of the capital gains tax on such donations. Shares gifted to Corpus Christi directly through our brokerage account will receive a donation receipt for the value of these gifts. Donation Form


A gift-in-kind is a non-cash donation and includes items such as personal effects, artwork and real estate. Gifts valued at over $1,000, must be accompanied by an independent third-party appraisal (cost of appraisal is to be paid by the donor). A donation receipt will be issued for the fair market value of the gift.

Gifts That Give Back

With some careful planning, you'll be able to realize income and charitable tax credits now while leaving a legacy gift to Corpus Christi Parish.

Charitable Gift Annuity

With a charitable gift annuity, a portion of your contribution is used to purchase an annuity for you while the remainder goes directly to Corpus Christi as a gift. Benefits to a Charitable Gift include:

  • Receiving guaranteed, regular payments for the rest of your life that are largely tax-free
  • Reducing your taxes and increasing your after-tax income now using a donation receipt from Corpus Christi for the value of your gift
  • Receiving the satisfaction of seeing your gift to Corpus Christi
Charitable Insured Annuity

With your purchase of a charitable insured annuity, a portion of your annuity income will be used to fund an insurance policy for which Corpus Christi Parish is the named owner and beneficiary. Benefits of a Charitable Insured Annuity include:

  • Receiving guaranteed, regular payments for the rest of your life that are largely tax-free
  • Providing for a significant future gift to Corpus Christi
  • Knowing that the premiums paid on the insurance policy are tax creditable to you and will boost your after-tax income now and in the future as long as premiums are being paid.
Residual Interests

By making a gift of residual interest, property is deeded to Corpus Christi Parish. For example, it is possible to donate property (a favorite painting) or real estate (your house or cottage) today while retaining the right to use and enjoy them during your lifetime. In return, Corpus Christi issues you a tax-creditable receipt reflecting the present value and residual interest. These types of gifts are usually given by people who plan to give the property to the Parish through a gift in their will, but want to reduce their income tax now while retaining the right to use and enjoy the property.


Gifts For Tomorrow

A planned gift to be realized in the future, such as the options below, may be the best approach for you and may allow you to make a larger gift than you might have thought possible.

A Gift In Your Will

This is the most common type of planned gift - a gift in your will. Arranged today, a bequest is paid to Corpus Christi Parish through your estate, after your death. You can give a specific sum, property, or a percentage of your estate. It is important that the full name of the parish and charitable number be included in your will so that there is no confusion about your intentions. (Corpus Christi Parish, Vancouver # 11884 9470 RR0028)


Life Insurance

A gift of life insurance is a simple and thoughtful way to make a gift to Corpus Christi. Insurance allows you to make a modest gift now for a significant gift in the future.

RRSP and RRIF Funds

Naming Corpus Christi Parish a beneficiary of your RRSPs and RRIFs means all or a portion of these assets can now be left directly to Corpus Christi upon your death without having to pass through your estate. This arrangement means that no probate fees are payable on these assets. In most cases, the taxes owing on your donated RRSPs or RRIFs at death are offset by the charitable tax credits generated by your donation. Donations of this type are a great way to reduct the substantial deferred tax burden that many RRSP and RRIF plans carry.


Multi-Year Pledges

If you plan to support the campaign at a level that is greater than what you can contribute in any one year, this option allows you to pledge today the full amount you plan to donate and then donate that amount in payments over 3 to 5 years. Pledging the full amount of your gift today allows Corpus Christi Parish to know that it is that much closer to reaching the campaign goal and to plan accordingly. You will receive to a charitable tax credit (tax receipt) in the amount of pledge payments in each the calendar year you make a payment.

To Make a Donation:

  • Mail or drop off your donation to the Parish Office (address below), clearly indicating in the cover letter and/or cheque that it is for the "Capital Campaign".
  • Include it in the collection at a Mass at Corpus Christi Church, clearly indicating on the envelope and/or the cheque that it is for the "Capital Campaign".

If you have any questions about the campaign, or would like:

  • more information about a particular giving method
  • to receive a pledge form
  • to make an appointment to discuss your gift,

please contact Helen Estrellado at the Parish Office at or phone: 604-324-2265.

Thank you for supporting
Our Faith, Our Future, Our Legacy.

Corpus Christi Parish - A community united by vision and purpose.